He Will Come

Amazing Testimonies of Different People’s Face to Face Appearances With Jesus



Amazing Testimonies of Face To Face Appearances From Jesus



Awesome Pastor who has over 400 churches and pastors under his apostleship world wide weeps as he tells his testimony of how Jesus appeared to him during this revival in Chicago in 2007. After David E. Taylor preached how Jesus would appear to the people in Chicago, Christ started appearing to many, even hundreds who  attended!

Peter Castro as seen here in the pictures below, a pastor under Nahum Rosario was appeared to by Jesus in broad daylight, like the Lord appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus.  In the service he began to give his testimony and weep.

The musician and minister of music named Gabriel gave his testimony of how he was visited by Jesus in a dream during his sleep.  He gave his testimony of how Jesus appeared to him and talked with him in the dream.

“While we were praying in the Spirit, I could see Jesus’ robe from the waist down.  It was very white.  I clung to His legs and I cried and cried.  Jesus stroked my head and I just felt so loved, comforted and cared for.”  - Altah Rae Love

“Jesus was in front of me with a crown of thorns on His head.  He said, “Amy this is your face to face.” -Amy McMillan

“I began to worship and asked to see Him and walk with Him.  After a nearby water like picture trickled about, I saw an outline of His face and the background was black.  It lasted about one minute and faded out.” - Brian Fox

“In my dream or vision I saw Jesus covering the sky.  He was looking down towards the earth all clothed in white.  He’s eyes were not a color I could describe but the color was not important, what was important was the ‘love’ that I felt.” - Donna Bridges

“Jesus was awesome to behold.  As our eyes met I seemed to fall so deep in love with Him and at that moment without verbal words but my heart I told him, “ I love you so much, I’ll do anything for you,”  I could see forever in His eyes”. - Jan Monarch

“Jesus appeared to me in a dream, instantly I was taken into Heaven where I was over the columns of the New Jerusalem.  I saw thousands of people that had a shadow cast upon them, Jesus spoke to me and said, “I’m going to give you your hearts desire.”  He shined His light upon them instantly and they became as cherries before my eyes, I began to pick them up in my hands.  Jesus said, “I will give you the desires of your heart.” - Jeffrey Minor

“In my dream, the Lord’s face appeared to me and smiled at me.  It was so precious.  I woke up with a BIG smile on my face.  It was amazing.  I want to see His face again. I know I will.” - Jessica Lane

“I had a lot of doubt about Jesus appearing to Apostle Taylor. I said to the Lord one morning while getting ready for work and listening to Kim Clement’s song about Thomas, if you can appear to Apostle Taylor I want you to appear to me.  As I was crying out to him, the Lord appeared with His hands out stretched in the most beautiful white robe I’ve ever seen.  A white so bright and brilliant, He was so beautiful my life was changed instantly.” - Karen Smith

“I was feeling Jesus presence very heavily and I thought, “wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jesus would come, sit and visit me right back here.”  Well a few minutes later I got up to change cd’s and I sat back in the chair to rest with my arms behind my head and then Jesus was walking out from beside me in the sound area.” - Ronald C. Alberts

“I was praying and asking Jesus to come to me.  I woke up at 4:52 a.m. and decided to lay in bed until my alarm went off.  All of a sudden, I had a vision and was in a waiting room of a hospital.  Kristin (now my wife) was in this waiting room just in front of me.  Across the room I saw a man with brown hair.  I thought to myself, “what is Kim Clement doing here?”  Then I realized it was Jesus, I saw him in a white robe!” - Samuel Elledge

“He came to me in a dream.  His face was just inches from mine.  From the side I saw a small but very bright light come so that it was between His mouth and mine.  He blew it down into me.  I saw it go down, in the dream I passed out and it formed around me to lay me down.  When I awoke later, I knew it was a visitation!” - Steve Smith

“In morning prayer I saw Jesus, He was carrying me in His arms up several long white stairs.”  -  Susan Schilian

“I was praying on my knees when the Lord told me to get to the altar.  While there I was praying and praising the Lord when Jesus reached down from a cloud and pulled me up by the hand.  I stepped up on to the cloud.  I then noticed that I was wearing white.  There was a stone bridge that we crossed.  Jesus told me to look, pointing across the sky.  I looked and saw a large cloud and under the cloud were rooftops of houses.  He told me to look again and while looking for the second time trying to focus more, my children ran up to me.  My two children that were stillborn at birth.  My daughter Camille was 8 yrs old and my son 6 yrs old.  My daughter and son embraced me and we hugged in a tight embrace.  My daughter told me to, “keep praising Him mommy, keep praising.”  - Tracy Byrd

“We got home late one night after service, it was around 3 a.m.  I was in the bed with my eyes closed and then all of a sudden I saw something like a big movie reel start moving/rolling in front of me.  At first it was one reel and I saw Jesus face inside the frame.  Then the reel split and had two sides.  Jesus appeared on both sides but not at the same time it would alternate sides.  I kept trying to get a good look but the reel was turning in motion.  I was excited but fearful all at once.  Then Jesus face became distorted, I couldn’t see His face clearly anymore.  I was so amazed.  I wanted to tell my husband but I didn’t want to disturb him.  I meant to tell him the next morning but we were so busy.  Every time I tried to tell him something would happen and I didn’t get a chance until maybe three nights later.  He then shared with me he had the same incredible fear that same night but didn’t want to disturb me.  When I looked at the clock that night it was 3:00 a.m.  I have had many incredible visions and experiences since I came to the move of God with David E. Taylor! - Valencia Nelson


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