The Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer

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Mega Crusade Header

mega header

mega visitation



We have just concluded the Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer where there was an eruption of mega glory, mega miracles, and mega breakthrough! All those who attended this year’s Mega Crusade left dripping with the anointing oil of God and their lives were infused with His glory! We are witnessing the complete annihilation of cancer! The rule and reign of cancer over our families, the nation, and the world is over in Jesus’ name! I am still in tears as I remember the healings and miracles that took place. People arose out of their wheelchairs and dropped their crutches and canes, cancerous tumors disappeared, people were freed from their oxygen machines, barrenness was eradicated, and most of all, God’s people experienced a visitation from Jesus and the Father! How amazing! 

conference title

Such tremendous revelation was poured out as we experienced sixteen power-packed conferences that were filled with rich teaching from the Word of God! Many of God’s servants and my friends came and delivered the Word in power as thousands gathered and millions were watching from around the world! They ministered on marriage, singleness, dreams, walking in the supernatural, Heaven and Hell, miracles, the apostolic and the prophetic offices, and so much more!


the nations

“I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts” (Haggai 2:7).


“My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer…” (Mark 11:17).


So many precious people flew in from all over the world to experience God’s glory and a visitation from Jesus! They came all the way from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Liberia, Portugal, Qatar, Belgium, Holland, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Estonia, Paraguay, Canada, Rwanda, Haiti, Kuwait, Jamaica, Israel, the Bahamas, and nearly all the fifty states of America – even Alaska and Hawaii! From the four corners of the United States, people traveled by car, bus, plane, and train all the way here to receive their miracle! The hunger and expectation for the Lord was amazing and electrifying!

prayer of agreement

As the nations gathered together, we prayed in unity under the tangible power of God! The Lord laid it on my heart to have one of the fivefold ministry leaders from each culture pray in agreement for their people to experience God’s miracle healing power and be delivered from cancer and all sickness and disease! The power of God moved through the airwaves as not just the prince of cancer was destroyed, but other satanic princes, kings, and false gods began to fall too! We are going to see our world set free from homosexuality, lesbianism, human slave trafficking, corruption through the FDA in our food and medicine, deliverance from gambling and greed, and a complete breakthrough from all other satanic princes! They are falling now in Jesus’ name! 


“And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” (Genesis 32:30).


The Lord had me share a national word for America. I shared the revelation Jesus gave me about an impending war with Russia, but also God’s solution to avert it! The answer is Face to Face! I want you to know that I will never stop fighting for the preservation of our nation! I know that the only way to preserve America is through the move of Face to Face! 


 mega crusade 1

jesus and the father

Jesus made a covenant with me that no matter where I go and hold a miracle crusade, He will personally walk into the room to touch the people Himself! He has done this throughout the years at every miracle crusades I hold, freeing the masses from sickness and disease! Recently, the Father has also been coming with a holy visitation! This is a dream come true for me! God Himself, the Greater One, walked into the Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer and touched the people Himself! It was remarkable and holy beyond what words can describe! Not one person left the same way they came!

restoring the message

This year, the Lord had me release the five-volume Kingdom of God books and CD school box sets! During this Mega Crusade, the Lord had me teach on how to walk in the “marvel” realm of God and how to experience the fullness of His Kingdom! The fullness includes the highest realm in our walk with God called “The God Realm.” These teachings are the result of walking closely with God for twenty-eight years and Him personally training me how to operate in the government of the Kingdom of God. He has commissioned me to share them with you so you can learn how to walk in this realm too!

You May Have Missed This Crusade, But You Do Not Have to Miss the Next One!

Some of you missed out on this year’s Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer, but you can still make the upcoming “One Night with the King!” This is the moment where we learn the very personality and heart of Jesus! You will begin to receive face to face visitations from Jesus like never before when you come and experience four nights of extravagant intimacy with Him! For those who attended the Mega Crusade, come and receive an increase of God’s miracle touch and the intimacy that He has for you! 

Call now to register FREE: 1-877-843-4567. We have discounted travel packages and hotel deals available for you, as well as buses coming from around America so that you can make your way here! 


With this letter, I have also included a highlight DVD recapping the amazing things God did for His people at this year’s Mega Miracle Crusade Against Cancer! As you watch this video, be expectant for what God is going to do for you at One Night with the King!

I love you, and always remember God has not planned any defeat for you! 


Your friend, 


David E. Taylor